Cyber Safety @ KVPS

Keilor Views Primary School believes the teaching of cybersafety and responsible online behaviour is essential in the lives of students and is best taught in partnership between home and school.

21st century students spend increasing amounts of time online, learning and collaborating. To be safe online and to gain the greatest benefit from the opportunities provided through an online environment, students need to do the right thing by themselves and others online, particularly when no one is watching.

Safe and responsible behaviour is explicitly taught at our school and parents/carers are requested to reinforce this behaviour at home.

Keilor Views Primary School uses the Ultranet, internet and digital technologies as teaching and learning tools. We see the internet and digital technologies as valuable resources, but acknowledge they must be used responsibly.

We Are eSmart

Keilor Views Primary School community has been doing some exciting work in terms of the manner in which technology is being taught, used and monitored. In classrooms, technological devices such as netbooks, iPads and iPod touches, are being used across the curriculum to support and enhance student learning.
Keilor Views Primary School has made a commitment to help develop their students into safe and responsible users of technology by positive role modelling, teaching specific technology skills and strategies to keep students safe online.
In July of last year, Keilor Views Primary School registered to participate in eSmart. During the past few months the eSmart Professional Learning Team under the leadership of Cameron Fleming and Gloria Puopolo has been working diligently towards the school achieving eSmart status.
Now a year later, the school has become eSmart.
eSmart was developed by The Alannah and Madeline Foundation with the RMIT School of Education, and with the input of a broad range of cybersafety and education experts.
eSmart takes a whole-school approach to wellbeing, improving cybersafety and reducing bullying and cyberbullying. It guides schools to implement strategies to embrace the benefits of technology and reduce risk.

The school now has in place, a whole school research based approach to cybersafety and student wellbeing through the implementation of policies, programs and procedures that are aligned with current philosophies of The Alannah and Madeline Foundation the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD), Western Metropolitan Region (WMR).

Charles Branciforte, Principal “I’m proud of the work and dedication of the learning community at Keilor Views Primary School, a partnership between parents, teachers, students, council, local police, and The Alannah and Madeline Foundation has resulted in a great achievement and a happy supportive environment for our kids”.

The following guests attended and presented Keilor Views Primary School with the accreditation:

  • Judi Fallon AMF – eSmart Manager,
  • Maree Stanley AMF Manager- School Programs
  • Natalie Hutchins – Member of Parliament for Keilor.