Visual Arts

The Visual Arts is a specialist subject area that each grade participates in for an hour each week. The subject immerses students in rich, dynamic and interactive learning, allowing each individual to become creative and expressive in their own way.

As you walk through the school buildings and classrooms, you will see the numerous finished art products that grace our walls!


Link to The Arts AusVELS Curriculum:


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Ability® is an inspiring visual arts program run by ADEC that unites a range of talented artists of all ages, from a variety of cultures who are living with a disability.

Check out the website for more information:

Art Club

Welcome to Art Club

A group of grade 5 and 6 students meet once a week in the Art Room. Art Club provides these students with the opportunity to enjoy creative skill and craft based classes beyond those offered in their regular art class.

One focus we embarked upon was “Junk Art”. We had a shop mannequin donated to the Art Dept by a parent. Mrs. Hollway found some really inspiring photos of junk decorated mannequins. We thought it would be a unique idea to try and create a piece of KVPS junk art using our own mannequin.

Mannequin video to go here

We have also been learning how to draw the human face. We focussed on the eye in detail, the nose and the shape of a face.

Mrs Hollway has also been teaching us how to draw still life objects.

Art Club is AWESOME!