About Keilor Views Primary School


The school is an inclusive educational setting that prides itself on the delivery of a quality curriculum based on the principles of visible learning. The school is building assessment capable learners, ‘when teachers see learning through the eyes of their students and students see themselves as their own teachers’ they become highly visible learners together.

Keilor Views Primary School holds high expectations of all stakeholders in the learning process. We support this through our ‘Effective Learner Qualities’.

Self Aware Knowledgeable, alert and informed about oneself
Determined Show purpose, make decisions, have intentions
Persist Show continued effort, have a go, never give up
Use Feedback Take on advice, set goals, work forward
Reflect Think seriously, wonder and question, consider
Connect Link learning, associate and relate things

This is equally supported in our wellbeing approach and support through our community values of Vision, Integrity and Pride.